Cybersecurity Act & Technical Standardization


Nowadays, regulations and standardization play a key role in the process of digital transformation. The field of cybersecurity is well-regulated and aims to provide a high level of security and trust in ICT products, services and processes. This course gives a general introduction of certification schemes developed in the frame of this EU Regulation.

This training will make the participants aware of the Regulation (EU) 2019/881 (Cybersecurity Act – CSA), which aims to provide a high level of cybersecurity and trust in ICT products, services and processes in the EU. The certification schemes developed in the frame of this Regulation (EUCC – ICT products, EUCS – Cloud services) will be introduced.

It will provide an overview of the standardization developments supporting cybersecurity and the CSA (introduction to technical standardization, presentation of the national standardization commission “Cybersecurity”, examples of standards in support of the CSA).

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Start date

June 26, 2023

End date

June 26, 2023

Language(s) of the training


Languages spoken by the coach(es)

English, French


Mr. Alain Wahl, Dr. Jean Lancrenon, Mr. Nicolas Domenjoud



Learning Outcomes

Learners are able to

  • describe the CSA and its objectives,
  • discuss the certification schemes under the CSA,
  • explain the cybersecurity standardization landscape,
  • identify standards developments in the cybersecurity area,
  • recall the missions of ILNAS in the cybersecurity and standardization domains.


Day 1/1:   26.06.2023   09:00 – 13:00

Format and Location

This course takes place ON-SITE

Terres Rouges building
14, porte de France
L-4360 Esch/Alzette




No prerequisites necessary

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This training does not have any assessment or exams; a certificate of participation will be issued to participants.

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